Vapor One


Project:Vapor One

Goals:To create an original packaging design for Nike's premium Vapor One football

The Vapor One, Nike’s top-tier and premium football, used in NCAA division one football games, demands premium quality. Nike requested a refreshed design to their Vapor Football series’s packaging. The goal was to develop graphics which were appropriate for the Nike Football category while establishing a premium look and feel. The Vapor One’s packaging also informed the look of the other three football’s (the Vapor 24/7, Vapor 48, and Nike Spin) in the series.

Road to Rio


Project:Road to Rio

Goals:Help with Nike's preparation for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics through creating a series of deck presentations on various topics.

The Olympics is the celebration of pure athleticism and determination for all athletes. Nike focused on inviting every athlete (big or small) to join, and to participate in the Road to Rio de Janeiro while focusing on each athlete finding their "Best You Ever". Work samples of these decks are available on request.