Be Honest 2018

Client:PSU A+D Projects

Project:Be Honest 2018

Goals:To join a pre-establish team and assist with the event planning and organization, while also assisting with the overall art direction

Be Honest is Portland State University Graphic Design’s student portfolio showcase. Every spring, sophomores, juniors, and soon-to-be graduating seniors come together to show off their work at Wieden + Kennedy. Be Honest is a valuable opportunity for graphic design students to gain experience presenting their work and engaging with the community. It’s also an opportunity for creative professionals to check out all the great things coming out of PSUGD.

Be Honest Website

Client:PSU A+D Projects

Project:Be Honest 2018 Website

Goals:Develop and redesign the Be Honest website to fit Be Honest 2018's theme of "Falling into Place", while also promoting the event to the Portland creative community

Every year the Be Honest website must be reimagined and adjusted to help fit the current year's theme. For 2018, the creative direction required establishing a clear sense of movement throughout the digital direction to help further push the falling into place narrative of the promo materials. During the development process, I also assessed how we could efficiently input all 130 participating student's information without individually hand coding each entry. This resulted in establishing an easy to use CSV (Google Sheet) content management system based solution, which would auto-populate the data into the website for us.