UX/UI Design • Prototyping • Proof of Concept 

As “smart” advanced bartending appliances are entering the market, there is potential to embrace millenial’s love for customization while staying on budget.

A concept for an afforable home bartending experience which helps novice drinkers and home bartenders learn how to make their favorite drinks. It simplifies the experience and reduces the intimidation factor by working with one has available in their current collection.

User Story

As a person who likes to try different drink variations, I want to find new drink recipes, but I don’t want to have to go to the store and buy a bunch of additional ingredients. I would rather focus on using what I already have.

The Smart Shaker

Aknowledging the beginner or non-existent experience of the user, the shaker includes precautions such as...
Anti-Spill, Locking Lid,
Easy Pour Container Lip
LED Fill Light indicator
Temperature Sensor
48 Hour Lasting Battery

Double Wall & Vacuum Insulated

App Extension

The app serves as the catalog of one’s current spirit collection. 

It’s easy to add to the collection using the phone camera...

It’s easy to add to the collection using the phone camera... 


This concept could bring a new perspective ot the market, as quality in the “Spirit world?” is often associated with expensive and unattainable products, for money conscious millenials.

By making home bartending more accessible, this gives millenials an opportunity to experiment and make it their own individual experience.