Nike Vapor One Football

In 2016, Nike was looking to radically change its look within retail spaces and how their products looked on store shelves to help better communicate with their consumers. A part of this process was trying to figure out how to better align their product offerings with the overall marketing efforts of each sport/category within Nike.
To meet this challenge, Nike Football reached to Flightdeck Studios to help create a new and original packaging concept for their flagship product—the Vapor One Football. Nike provided the team with a basic white cardboard prototype of the newly purposed design and asked the team to provide a timeless design that could align with the newly formed overall Nike Football aesthetic.

The discover phase started by exploring Nike football’s most experimental designs which lead to using the 3D printed Nike Vapor HyperAgility Cleat as the main source of inspiration. The cleat had a unique sense of geometry, utilizes mesh with linear line work for Flyknit support strings, and hexagon based mesh for the sole of the cleat.

The hexagon design eventually became the backbone of the overall pattern design. To help create further flair, we added a spot gloss finish, along with gold foil to help elevate the design to Nike’s typical premium design standards and help the product clearly stand out in a crowded marketplace. A final design concept that helped push the Nike Football brand forward.

To this day (nearly 5 years later) the design can still be found on Nike footballs on store shelves, proving that the design direction is timeless and that the overall solution achieved Nike’s original goal of finding a design that could help carry the brand forward for the foreseeable future. The footballs are sold all over the world, and the product was used in all regulation games on Division 1 NCAA Football games.