Communication Design • Visual Design

For this project, Nike reached to Flightdeck Studios to help create a set communication design decks for their brand activities relating to the preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Lead Visual Designer

Lead Visual Designer under Sam Bowman’s (Creative Director) lead.

Help Nike create visually engaging decks for internal use to ensure the company had strong internal communication as they prepared to host and connect with all athletes* alike.


These decks included the brand’s overall message and strategy for the event: “BEST YOU EVER” encouraging all athletes* (anyone who is active and connecting with the Nike brand and Nike platforms) to full engage with the Olympics in a whole new way.

These decks included but were not limited to, serveral Rio brand summit speeches including the keynote speech, talent acquisition, Olympic gear annoucements, and brand activations past the Olympic Games.


Sam Bowmam (Creative Director) and myself (Lead Designer).


A collection PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.


Helped Nike attract several new Olympic athletes to represent their brand in Olympic sports. Along with helping ensure their Rio brand concepts stayed strong through the company as the event came and went.