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Social Media, Motion Design, UX Design      

Back Story

This body of work focuses on my partnership(s) with the leading sports brand in the world, named after the goddess of victory—Nike. I’ve had multiple encounters with the brand throughout my career, but most recently I worked on campus as a digital designer, focused on developing communication assets for Nike and Nike Training Club app(s), and content for the Nike Global Training brand.

  • Develop world-class content that aligns with Nike brand guidelines through art direction and digital design within sketch and photoshop 
  • Elevating traditionally static content with motion via After Effects 
  • Develop marketing and editorial content for the release of NTC Premium and various product releases. 
  • Create elevated and engaging user experiences via Nike’s social media channels 

Other Brand Work

Nike Vapor ONE (2016)
During my time at Flightdeck, I worked on the design of the packaging of the Vapor One Football, the official football of the NCAA. This design is still used and inspires other iterations that are sold on store shelves today. Read more about the project.

Rio Olympics (2016)

This project was the stepping stone into the brand for me. I learned the general brand language and how to push it far enough while retaining the Nike brand style.