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BACK Story

As an avid music listener in 2020, it is almost impossible to avoid streaming services. When services like Spotify and Apple Music first started, there was so much excitement. For the first time, everyone had access to immense music libraries at their fingertips. No longer was there a barrier to entry for the customer to discover new music. And soon, music discovery became the driving force of innovation for these platforms thanks to personalization and A.I. technologies. In 2020 though, that sense of innovation has slowed down, which got me curious about how we can continue to use these technologies in new and innovative ways?

  • Improve user’s daily habit, situations, and moods through the use of musical therapy principles and philosophies
  • Add an additional sense of an emotional connection to the Apple Music app 
  • Deliver a greater sense personalization to the user
  • Strengthen the connections between certain touchpoints of the Apple ecosystem

Value of Music

No matter if you’re a casual listener, a music seeker, or someone who loves the music of yesterday, we all listen for one common reason—to seek a sense of emotion. It's intereasting how listening to just the right song always brings us joy, but why? Philosophers such as Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle all believed that music is a sufficient way to soothe the souls of distressed men. Plato believed, “just as music undergoes re-harmonizing, the human body and the human race undergoes re-balancing.” This shows that even the Greeks highly regarded music, and it’s the ability to heal the soul in times of distress. Thinking through this lens makes me curious about how can we better utilize music to help soothe the minds of individuals during the stressful times of the modern age?

To achieve this we must rethink how a music streaming service such as Apple Music creates an emotional connection for their users. We need to start viewing the service as more than just a product and realize that it can be a tool to help solve common emotional challenges of modern day life such as moments of stress,  depression, and mood swings. We can also go one step further by offering moments of encouragement for confidence  during prepping for major moments (such as an interview) or  while working out. By taking these emotional elements into account, we can provide more enjoyment for the user and impact their lives in both a cognition and emotional way. 

To ensure maximum impact, we need to develop a user experience system that is seamless with the users daily use and that fully integrates into what the user is already familiar with—the Apple ecosystem. By bringing together Apple Health, Apple Music, and the Apple Watch we ensure that this feature has full access to the most useful capabilities of each product—meaning maximum potential.
This also ensures that we are created a thoughtful integrated experience. For example, it would seem strange to cram all the health data visualization into Apple Music which would ultimately clutter the experience. With this model, Apple Health can handle the heavy lifting in that regard, also Apple health is then able to show the user how their emotional trends affect their overall health through a wider lense.


AdvanceD Sensors & Tech
The set of advanced sensors featured on the Apple Watch unlock the full potential of this feature. The Apple Watch allows this feature to be able to collect all necessary data (heart rate related) in a convient, accurate,  effiecently, and in seamless matter. Also by including the Apple Watch into this feature, we get full access to the tech and data that is already being successfully used to detect user’s moments of stress (A.K.A. the Breathe app). Considering this, we can also use data points from the Breathe app to better tune this feature to ensure maximum accuracy over time, better both features at the same time through machine learning. 

For ‘You’
When the feature is active, a live tile with fluid music suggestions will appear within the “For You” tab of the app. This live title will feature a grid of ablum art and a square that shows the most recent measurement of the user’s BPM. The album art shown within the live tile will be updated every 5-10 minutes depending on the user’s metrics. When the user taps into the playlist, the user will be greeted with relevant health-related information at the top of the view port, along with the first few songs featured within the live tile.  
Data Visualization
Once the user completes a listening session,  they can see
the entire session’s data visualized via the Apple Health app.
Over time the user then can start to compare sessions, and
also discover trends so they can make adjustments to their
daily habits. 

The Impact

This feature would allow us to breathe new life into the music streaming sector of the market, encourage further innovation with newly found tech, and to develop a deeper connection with users on an emotional level by addressing their eveyday emotional challenges. This new feature would allow us to further expand and strengthen the value of the Apple ecosystem during a time where health and user’s welling being is a critical focus for Apple as a company. Now it’s your turn Apple to take this concept, and make it a reality 😉