A critical thinker and designer that is driven by innovation and increasing capabilities of digital design. As a designer, my mission is to create visually dominant graphics and interface while focusing beyond the aesthetic level.

My work is rooted in the ‘less is more’ mentality focusing on usability and finer details. I like to question how my work can evolve to better thrive in a forever changing technologically driven landscape. 

I am always seeking experiences and opportunities to experiment in digital mediums. Feel free to say hi, hey, or hello at kylecharlson.design@gmail.com


Digital Designer 
@ Nike

June 2019–Current
— Developing social media, email, Nike and NTC app(s), and Nike.com content for Nike Training 

Technical Designer 

Sept 2018–April 2019
— Daily communication between the design and development teams
— Design of several templates and assets
— Spec documentation
— Content authoring 
— Lead clients through CMS authoring workshops


@ Livd

April 2018–August 2018

— Wordpress website development
— Worked with Meredith James on strategy of how to release the next issue of Livd

lead designer
@ PSU Campus Rec

June 2017 – April 2018
— Daily small-scale communication asset creation
— Brand management
— Small marketing tasks
— Marketing support for the opening of the new Viking Pavilion

Design Intern
Caldera Arts

October 2016 – February 2017

— Daily small-scale communication and asset creation
— Working experience with a communications director
— Working experience with Wieden and Kennedy design teams on brand management

Graphic Design

March 2015 – Current
— Work with individuals on projects and business problems
— Design websites, packages, develop brands
— Consult and teach clients how to use 3rd party websites hosting sites such as Squarespace and Wordpress

Junior Designer
@ Flightdeck Studios

March 2015 – September 2015
— Worked on a variety of Nike projects
— Deck work under brand guidelines of a well-established brand